Pastor Virgil lives in Tucson.  He has been in ministry since 1980.  Before that he began his recovery from addiction and worked in chemical dependency treament.  He believes that man’s relations with God ought to be real, not religious. The observations and opinions he expresses here are in no way intended to reflect the views of the church or any other individual.  This is entirely Virgil’s notions, passions, and peculiarities. 



  1. I was looking for a less conspicuous place to leave this comment, but without success. Feel free not to post it after you’ve read it if the link to my blog is troubling for you…

    I just thought… well, I stumbled across your blog today and enjoyed very much your thoughts and words. I, too, keep a blog (redeemedsocialite.wordpress.com) which is a journey of my grace awakening – from addict to Christ. Lately there have been some… hiccups (not substance related, thank God)… I wonder if you’d care to read a long and offer some words of advice?

    If not… thanks for the reading here, I’ll be back.

    God bless.

    • Welcome. Thanks for dropping in. Will take a look. vls

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