Posted by: tucsonjefe | September 16, 2015

Never Run From Shadows.

 Tuesday, September 15, 2015

IMG_20150914_080655_editYesterday was a beautiful morning for a bike ride, sunny but not hot.  I headed for the Rillito River bike trail.  As I pedaled along, I was aware of lots of desert wildlife, especially lizards. I noticed one guy about 4 inches long sitting on the path.  He was about two feet out of my route, so I didn’t think much of it.  When I got within a few inches of him, he suddenly darted in front of me.  Before I could react, he was smashed.  As I rode along, I wondered, “Why did that lizard run under my tire?  Was he suicidal?  All he had to do was stay still or go back the way he came, and he would have been fine.”  Then I glanced to my right.  There, speeding along beside me, was a huge, dark shadow outline of me. It dawned on me that the lizard, in his little ground level world, had been frightened by my shadow.  Had he looked up and seen the reality, he could simply have stood still and been safe.  Had he run toward the shadow, he would have been fine. He ran from a ghost, an apparition of a danger that didn’t exist, and it drove him into peril and death.

How often do our fears drive us to destruction? It is never a good idea to react and run from fear.  I have watched so many folks get in trouble because they are afraid of the shadows.

  • I have watched folks avoid going to the doctor, not because they had faith, but because they were afraid of what they might find out.
  • I have watched folks plummet into financial distress simply because they were afraid to take a good look at their finances.  Balance your checkbook!
  • Fear of failure paralyzes us, and we never attempt the steps that could lead us into our dreams.
  • Fear of the unknown keeps us stuck in the comforting discomfort of our familiar bondage, afraid to take the steps that could set us free.
  • Fear of rejection scares us away from the people and the platforms God places in our path for our good.  We cower and let them pass us by. ASK FOR HELP!

The first step to freedom is always to look up: Don’t get trapped in your two-dimensional reality.  There is a truth outside what you can see. The Scripture tells us what our situation looks like from God’s perspective. He is never surprised, shocked or dismayed.  The next step is to run toward the shadow.  Ignoring it will never change it.  Only light can dispel darkness, and the entrance of His Word brings light.  Grab the Word and run toward the problem.

Scripture Reading:    A psalm of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation—so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? (Psalms 27:1 NLT)

Somebody Said:   Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.  Michael Jordan

Got fear? Run for it, not from it. No decisions based on fear. I won’t move till I can move in faith, then I will charge into the fray without qualm.  Lord, here we go!

Pastor Virgil Stokes

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