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Contend for the Supernatural: Prophecy and Exhortation

Faith Christian Fellowship Tucson

Pastor Virgil Stokes

June 27th  2010

Contend for the things of the Spirit.

 Here is a prophecy and explanation from 6-27-2010 service.

 We will contend for the things of the Spirit.

            We magnify you Lord Jesus.  We worship you Lord Jesus.  We magnify your Holy Name. “(speaks in tongues)  (Interpretation) It’s even more urgent than it was.  It’s even more urgent than it was when I first spoke to you.  It’s more urgent than it was ever, for there’s a touch and a move and a flow that will be lost in the earth if its not passed on.  (speaks in tongues)  Don’t be moved.  Don’t be moved by their faces  Don’t be afraid of their faces.  Let the Spirit of God move in your midst.  Learn.  Learn and glean and then go.  Go and do what you see.  Ooh for the move of the Spirit is the thing that you need.  You’ve learned a lot about planting your seed; but without the water, without the WATER, there’ll no harvest be.  And in your own strength, you’ll never glorify me.”  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you Lord.  Hallelujah.  Thank you Jesus.

            You see in 1992, I was in Syracuse New York and there was a blizzard going on.  That always sticks in your mind.  We had to follow the snow plow to Church.  But there was a whole bunch of folks that did that.  And the Lord spoke to me in that service and said, that we would have to CONTEND for the Super-natural.  Because the Church, even the so called Word of Faith crowd was gonna back away from the things of the Spirit for the fear of man’s condemnation, cause they want…every generation has a great move of God of some sort or the other because He makes Himself manifest.  But then in the second generation, the people that benefit from that first crowd, they have a tendency to begin to want to be accepted, amen, in the religious community.  So they begin to hunger after letters to go after their name instead of the things of the Spirit.  And slowly but surely they become just like the crowd that they stepped out of and received empowerment..  And the Church is as dead as it was in the beginning. 

            And what the Lord spoke was that our little crowd, the folk that were in the so called faith movement were gonna do exactly the same thing.  And sure enough…How many of you know that when God tells you something, if it’s God, you can pretty much mark it down?  And, I had somebody ask me the other day.  Amen.  What happened to the “Word” Churches in Tucson?  I said, “I don’t know.”  Amen.  Amen.  What happened to the flow of the Holy Ghost?  Well I don’t know.  But we’re gonna have it here.  (smiles)  Amen.  And we’ll see some demonstration of some things that we haven’t seen yet.  We’ve seen a few things, just a dribble.  But we’ll see some more.  Because God keeps…poking me in the rear end about…Amen 

            But it takes a certain determination.  Are you listening to me.  It takes a certain determination cause you have to learn to ignore the reactions of some people.  Cause it makes them nervous, when God gets personal and He’s no longer just a doctrine on a doctrinal statement.  Amen.  Then it becomes something that is a little more intimate and it might actually mess with your life.  It might require change.  Hallelujah!  It might require participation.  Amen.  It might demand something from us.  I can almost guarantee it. (smiles)  But it makes people nervous.  The first thing they get nervous about is praying in tongues.  So we’re gonna be sure we do a lot of that and get all the nervous people. (laughter)  Amen.  Amen.

            I remember, it was in 1980.  I was asleep.  I had a dream.  In that dream, it was a very interesting dream, but anyway in the process of that dream was very prophetic.  I saw a man in the dream preaching with me on the platform.  You gotta remember, I’m just barely in Bible School in 1980.  I can’t even find which end of the Bible is which.  I got saved in 1979.  I got filled with the Holy Ghost in April of 1980 and in September I went to Bible School.  I always figured if something’s real you just oughta get with it.  Amen.  The Lord had to speak to me to make me go to Bible School cause I was buying property.  (laughs)  amen.  I’d been saved about 15 minutes and I was ready to open the doors and drag people in.  Praise God (chuckles)  He said, maybe you oughta figure out what you’re talking about first.  Amen.  Just to prevent doing any further damage to people.  Amen. (chuckles)  So anyway, I compromised.  It was a two year Bible School.  I told Him I’d go one year.  So I went.  I eventually went two years.  It took me four years to do it. (smiles)  But anyway, I’m dreaming, and in this dream, I was on this platform preaching.  It was just a one step platform.  I could see the wall behind us, but I didn’t recognize it.  There was a fella standing behind me, a big old husky black man.  And we were both there preaching together.  I didn’t know at the time that he was there interpreting for me.  You know cause I’d never used an interpreter before.  You know I was green.  I didn’t know nothing.  I just knew there was two of us up there and there was a pulpit.  On the pulpit in the dream was a Bible and it was flopped open and I could see that it was turned to Ezekiel the third chapter.  And in the dream…you remember those old movies where they do the set up shot where the newspaper comes swirling into the screen and then a light would come down and highlight a little paragraph of it. (demonstrates with hand).  It’s cheaper to do that than it is to actually write a movie you know.  They just let you read the first part of the plot so you know what’s going on.  (Demonstrates dropping it in front of you)  And in my dream this light came on in Ezekiel chapter 3.  I didn’t know where Ezekiel was, much less what it said in chapter 3.  So when I woke up I went to chapter 3.  And it wasn’t specific with me.  There’s several things in Ezekiel chapter 3.  Verse 11 was the verse He was getting across to me at the moment.  Which says, “Go get ye to them of the captivity, to the children of thy people and say unto them, ‘thus sayeth the Lord, whether they will hear or whether they will forebear.” (smiles)  Probably don’t say that in your Bible, cause you probably don’t have an Old King James.  But back then…you know that is the only Bible that anybody that was very Spiritual ever read out of, was King James. (smiles)  So when I quote, I always quote in the King James Bible.  “But go get to them of the CAPTIVITY, to the children of THY people.”  He’s talking to the Prophet Ezekiel.  I knew in the dream He was talking to me.  And I meditated on that verse forever trying to figure out what that meant.  And it finally dawned on me that the children of thy people is the Church.  Amen.  Cause I was gonna go save the world you know.  Cause they’re so much easier to save that Church people.  Cause Church people already know everything and are happy to tell you about it. (chuckles)  Amen. 

            But I didn’t have any idea at the time what that was going to entail.  But right up before that, just a verse or two, it said, “I have given you a forehead harder than flint.”  (smiles) (laughter)  “Don’t be afraid of their faces”  (chuckles)  Amen.  Well that’s a good thing.  I was so thin skinned when I first got in this deal, that if someone said anything ugly about me, it would trouble me for months.  Amen.  I was just so touchy all the time.  And I got news for you, if you wanna be in the preaching business, that’s not a good thing.  When I was a drunk, shootin’ dope and stealing peoples stuff, I didn’t have anybody talk that bad about me. (shakes head)  Or at least they didn’t let me know about it, cause it would not have been a proper thing to do.  (smiles)  No one talked that bad about me and lived for long anyway.  But no, I had people talk much kinder about me when I was a drunk, an addict.  I got to preaching and people started saying horrible things!  Horrible things!  I was just…I couldn’t believe it.  Christian people.  And then I found out what the verse meant about having a forehead harder than flint.  Amen.  And I also found out what the verse meant about going to the Church of thy people and saying, Thus saith the Lord.  And the rest of that verse says, “whether they will hear or whether they will forebear.”  That would seem to indicate that they might not listen to you, wouldn’t it?  Amen.

            So I’m gonna say it one more time:  If we don’t contend for the things of the Supernatural, things of the Spirit.  If we don’t make a determination that bless God we’re gonna step out in it and if we fall down we’ll just get back up.  Amen.  Thank God.  In Ezekiel, He talked about Ezekiel; the Spirit knocked him down and then the Spirit picked Him up.  Praise God.  Amen.  People get all nervous when we pray for people, you know, and they fall over on the floor.  I’m waiting for the day when He starts knocking them back up on their feet.  (laughter)  Amen.  Then you got something. (chuckles)  Amen.  amen.  Well, I’m looking forward to that day, aren’t you?  Amen.  I’ve had Him knock them over into the first or second rows of the chairs a few times.  Amen.  Have to clear out the front row, cause He’s knocking the chairs over.  But I haven’t had Him put any back on their feet yet, but I believe we will in the Name of Jesus.  But that will mean for us that we’re gonna have to keep pressing in and not get stuck in a rut.  Amen.  We’re gonna have to learn to flex a little bit and let the Holy Ghost move.  Praise God!  And we will…cause if the Lord  tarries, you know another 20 or 30 years, I might get tired and wanna go home and be with the Lord.  Amen.  Then some of the younger folks are gonna have to carry on.  And I’d hate for them to live in dead religion like we used to.  Amen.  Most churches I used to go to when I was trying to find the truth needed a little help.  Most of them, I should of just stayed home and watched cartoons.  (laughter)  Amen.  The Bible says, “A merry heart does good like a medicine.  Might as well stay home and see if you can get a good laugh.  It’d do better than most of the churches you went to.  Amen.  God cain’t, God won’t, or God didn’t was all they ever preached.  Or if He was, He wouldn’t do it for you, cause you’re too sorry.  Well I knew that!  (laughs)  Anybody….That’s the message I got..  You’re too sorry and if He was gonna do it, He wouldn’t do it for you.  Amen.  Well where was I?  I probably ought to preach the message, shouldn’t I?  Oh yeah cause we’re gonna talk about some supernatural things this morning.  And you need to get it off the page of the book and start expecting it to happen in your house.  Amen.  Look in Psalm 91.  Hallelujah!


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