Posted by: tucsonjefe | April 24, 2010


I have always felt a little consolation when the federal govenment got a mite too pushy, that there were some orders that our military simply would not follow. I couldn’t see our armed forces invading churches to stop “hate speech” in worship. I couldn’t envision them on native soil entering state capitals to correct “misguided efforts” by local leaders. I couldn’t see them entering private homes to confiscate citizen’s 2nd Amendment properties. Our current military just has too many fine Christian soldiers. Now I see the plan. The atmoshpere in the military will become so toxic to Christians that the majority will simply time out. The transition will take place slowly with the open tolerance of sexaul perversion in the barracks, then the selective ignoring of Islamo-fascists in the ranks, then the exclusion of Christian leaders who boldly state their faith, then politically driven promotion of non-christian officers. All leading to a culture that willingly and blindly serves beltway initiatives instead of defending the Constitution.


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