Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 12, 2010

Weeds Cometh

I looked out my back door the other day and noticed that my yard was getting quite green.  Since I live in Tucson and have no grass, only rocks and sand, green can mean only one thing: WEEDS.  Every year this time we fight the great weed battle.  This year there has been abundant rain, a good thing, facilitating abundant weeds, a bad thing.  I am struck annually by the ease with which I am able to have a huge weed crop.  It requires absolutely no effort on my part.  Good plants, whether grass or veggies, require intentional cultivation and much perspiration.  Weeds just happen. In the spiritual realm the same principle applies.  All we need to do in order to have our hearts and minds overrun with junk is just sit still and do nothing.  Bad seed blows into our gardens from every direction.  It seems to me we are in a day with a lot of hot air blowing and a lot of weed seed flying.  Here are a few gardening tips:

Seeds to avoid, weeds to pull

  1. Doubt and fear.  Just as faith comes by hearing the Word of God, doubt comes by hearing the lie of the devil. The airwaves are full of that weed seed right now.  The cure is not to ignore the world around us, but to “overcome evil with good.”  In order to live in confident faith there must be more Word than Fox News in your mental and spiritual diet.
  2. Offense and bitterness.  In difficult times, people are under all kinds of pressure. People under pressure are often irritable and self-centered.  They react badly, unfairly, harshly.  Be especially careful to avoid the seeds of offence.  Your brother’s thoughtlessness is an opportunity for grace, not an excuse for bitterness.
  3. Disappointment and despair.  In tough times, many things don’t happen as we planned.  Hope deferred still makes the heart sick.  Short term disappointments can either grow patience and produce crops, or grow exasperation and produce despair.  Feed on hope!  It ain’t over till its over.
  4. Judgment and condemnation.  When those around us are not behaving well, when their lives descend to the depths, thoughts of judgment tempt our minds.  It makes us feel better, safer, to think that we are different, more spiritual. She coulda, he shoulda, I woulda…  Remember that seeds of judgment toward others only yield crops of condemnation back to us.  But for the grace of God…

Scripture Reading:    So, then, brothers, stand firm and strongly hold the teachings you were taught, whether by word or by our letter. But may our Lord Himself, Jesus Christ, and our God and Father, the One having loved us and having given everlasting comfort and good hope by grace, encourage your hearts, and may He establish you in every good word and work.    2 Thessalonians 2:15-17 LITV

Somebody Said:  Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don’t give up.    Anne Lamott

It is always a lot of work to tend the garden, but the reward is very great.  In just a short while we will be eating the fruit of the seeds we allow in our hearts today.




  1. Re-reading some of the posts here, going to do a little heart gardening today!

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