Posted by: tucsonjefe | November 9, 2009

Tear Down The Wall!!!

Just watching the celebration in Berlin and waxing nostalgic.  What celebration?  It is 20 years since the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.  That wall symbolized decades of fear, tyranny, and religious oppression.  We in the West lived in constant readiness for a nuclear assault from the communists in the Soviet bloc and their extended family in Cuba and Latin America.  The East Germans lived in cringing squalor under the Soviet heel, while their family members on the other side of the wall prospered in freedom. On this date 20 years ago, the East Germans literally pushed the wall down and began the domino effect that would result in the end of the Soviet empire.  As I watched Lech Walesa push over the first in a symbolic line of tumbling dominoes, I got teary.  In that day the threats were huge and dire, yet we rallied behind leaders with backbone, giants like Walesa, Thatcher, Pope Paul, and certainly Reagan.  Today I cried because I miss the day of giants in the land. We face threats of the same or greater magnitude today.  Religiously driven madmen threaten us at home and abroad.  The remaining maggots of the communist era are turning into flies and causing a good deal of distress.  And in the corridors of power in our nation midgets roam, more inclined to root for the soviets and the Imams than for freedom and individual responsibility.  I pray that God will raise up a few giants and that the remnant who remember what courage looks like will get behind them and push down the walls and stop the madness.  In this dire time I am reminded of a quote attributed to that great patriot, Jerry Garcia, “Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.”  




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