Posted by: tucsonjefe | November 6, 2009

Religion is Dangerous

I was driving up Sunrise the other morning when suddenly I saw taillights flashing red in front of me.  The frantic morning traffic was suddenly slowing to a crawl.  Brakes and adrenaline were pumping as drivers attempted to avoid rear end collisions.  The cause of this distress?  We had entered “camera enforcement zone.”  The signs told us as much, and we could easily see the mono-eyed monsters sticking their skinny necks high above the street and peering menacingly through our windshields as we carefully slowed to ten miles below the limit.  After passing the cameras, traffic immediately sped back up, only now faster to try and reclaim the time lost in the “enforcement” zone.  What a hazard!

Religion is kind of like that.  We attempt to legislate behavior, then watch each other to see if we are compliant.  When we know someone is watching, we obediently slow down, but as soon as the eyes are off, our sinful zeal is redoubled. Law actually increases sin.  Thank God for relationship.  We have a passenger in the car with us who is gently reminding us to drive safely even when the cameras are off.  The point is not law, but love.  We want to drive (conduct ourselves) in a manner that is safe for others and pleases God.  That desire is with us at all times, not just when someone is watching.  That is the essence of grace.



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