Posted by: tucsonjefe | November 4, 2009

A Visit from Our Founder

This past weekend we had the rare privilege of hosting Mrs. Pat Harrison for 4 wonderful services. Pat is the Founder and President of Faith Christian Fellowship International. She and her late husband, Buddy, began FCF in Tulsa in 1977. She has spent her entire life intimately involved with ministry, the Word, and the things of the Spirit. When such people speak, I try to listen. There were several valuable themes that seemed to pop up throughout the weekend, and it seems good to me and the Holy Ghost to briefly share them with you: 

  1. God wants us to know the Person of the Holy Spirit, not just the manifestation. We tend to be dazzled by the spectacular at the expense of the supernatural. Staying sensitive to the Spirit will enable us to avoid many troubles in this life, including deception that comes from following signs rather than the Spirit.
  2. Intimacy with God through the Spirit is the result of time spent in prayer, especially praying in tongues, and in the Word. We all need a “mountain” where we go to be alone with God. No cell phone, no computer, just a bible, a notebook, and the Holy Ghost.
  3. In our services we need to learn to reverence and esteem the Holy Spirit. We must give Him place and treat Him in a manner that does not grieve Him.
  4. The Person of the Holy Spirit provides us with the power to keep on going during times of difficulty. Perseverance is the result of Spirit empowerment.
  5. We are a people of the Spirit for whom the manifestation of the Spirit is the norm.

Scripture Reading: But about the things of the spirit, my brothers, it is not right for you to be without teaching. (1 Corinthians 12:1 BBE)

Somebody Said: Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge. Alfred North Whitehead

Thank God we have the opportunity to learn from those who have walked with God. Heaven forbid that we should waste it.



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