Posted by: tucsonjefe | May 28, 2009

Pray, even if you aren’t sure you mean it!

I have to plead guilty to being a coward.  For weeks now I have avoided making posts on this blog because I didn’t want to address political issues.  I have gotten a good deal of criticism for being “too political.”  In my desire to not offend and, probably in reality, be well-liked, I have avoided saying what is on my heart on a regular basis.  Well it is after all, my blog.  So you get what you get.  I was raised in a politician’s home.  It is normal for me to think politically.  Since I am a Christian, I tend to see things political through a bible filter.  In addition to my desire not to appear unspiritual, I must confess to a case of paranoia regarding the poetical climate in our country.  I believe that those of us who name the Name of Christ and speak up for bible values are going to to be persecuted.  It has already begun in earnest in the homosexual rights campaign.  That will be one, but only one, avenue that the government will use to try to silence us.  The tax code stands ready as a weapon in the hands of an increasingly tyrannical government, so Church be ready to be assaulted.  Forgive me for my cowardice and prepare to be offended. 

One of the most difficult things I do every day is pray for our national leaders.  The biblical mandate is pretty clear.  Our job is to pray for all those who are in authority.  In the current situation, we have somehow managed to turn our nation over to a group who seem to despise Christians, hate the unborn, and trust government to run the lives of people.  it is an act of faith for me every day to believe they are well-meaning but deluded.  That is the best I can hope for given their actions and writings.  But pray for them I must, and I encourage you to do so.  I truly hope the end of the Age is near, but if not, we must press on with our mission.  It will be easier for us if we can lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Tim 2:1-4).



  1. Hey, good blog…too bad about the troll, though.

  2. As a Christian, “proof” is an alien concept to you.

  3. Yes, a quiet peaceable life, in which we can live and follow our convictions. A great and encouraging message for today!

  4. You Christians really do put yourself on a plateau above the rest of us don’t you.
    I trust Government far more than I trust the Church, because the Church has a far worse reputation, and appears to try to control our lives far more than the worst Governments throughout history, all in the name of an imaginary friend.

    • Thank you for proving my point. May the Lrod bless you.

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