Posted by: tucsonjefe | April 29, 2009

Beware of Wussification

As I drove home from work a while back, I heard a conversation on the local sports radio station.  I think they started out talking about modern “healthy” foods (tofu is not food), but the discussion wandered a bit until they were talking about male roles and expectations of men in our society.  One guy used the phrase “the wuss-i-fication” of America. I laughed out loud. Ain’t that the truth!  It seems that every day the things that used to mark manhood are disappearing while other characteristics that were once considered weak and feminine are being portrayed as positives. I had to quit watching TV sit-coms years ago because it hurt me to watch the demeaning of men as fools and cuckolds, or as lust-driven animals, unable to see past their hormones. The all-wise woman humors the buffoon while the children watch with amused contempt.  In that atmosphere, it seems to me, we have now chosen national leaders who are weak and ineffectual, taking insults from despots without so much as a scowl, responding to the denigration of our nation with apologies where reprimands would better serve.  It is wuss-i-fication operating under the pseudonym of diplomacy.


I am frequently asked why there are so many men in our church. I usually reply with appropriate humility that I don’t know.  God is the author of our masculine flavor. As I ponder the subject, however, I think there are a few things that make our house a place where men can love God and still be men.  In Christian circles, manhood has been displayed in one of two extremes.  In the denominational churches of my youth, men were expected to be very nice fellows: scrubbed, clean-shaven, soft-spoken, and bland.  In other places men are encouraged to be bullies, dominating and subjugating “submissive” wives, and intimidating children into cowering obedience.  Neither picture reflects bible manhood.  Men are heroes, heading into battle on behalf of great causes.  Men are providers, laboring to meet the needs of those in their care.  Men are protectors, laying down their lives on behalf of the weak, the fatherless, and the less fortunate.  Men are loyal and demonstrative, worshipping God without shame and supporting one another without pretense. Men friends will always have your back. If we don’t provide the kind of challenges and expectations that encourage men to become men, the church will always be run by women (thank God, we have had some great ones), or worse by wussified religious professionals.  God forbid.  In a day when manhood is hard to locate, the church can and should be a place to look for heroes. 


Scripture Reading: Be strong, and let us be strong for our people, and for the cities of our God. And may Jehovah do that which seems good in His eyes.   (2 Samuel 10:12 LITV)


Somebody Said:  How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression.                    — D. H. Lawrence


I still don’t have a formula for it, but I know that masculinity is kind, strong, stable, and dependable, a place of refuge in a storm.  Maleness looks like Jesus.





  1. Then everybody wonders why so many children don’t respect their father.

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