Posted by: tucsonjefe | April 15, 2009

Don’t settle for a job

As I get ready to teach on Biblical Money Dynamics, the importance of getting free becomes increasingly clear.  If you will, allow me to speak from the natural standpoint for a moment.  A good job is a wonderful thing, but as long as I work for wages, I am not a free man.  My employer pays me based on my usefulness to him.  If I am a particularly valuable asset, I can negotiate a certain increase in my compensation.  If I have a skill that is salable on the market, I can play one employer against another to benefit from the auction principle – to wit, professional athletes.  Ultimately, however, I am receiving the beneficence of the guy who owns the business.  He is my source.  I am dependent not only on his largess, but on his business acumen to keep us profitable.  (Ask GM folks how that is working out for them) In order to access true prosperity, I must open other streams of blessing.  That would include investments, inventions, businesses, inheritances, etc.  God’s desire is that He be my source.  He does this by providing my needs, often through a job.  In addition, He wants me to prosper.  That includes the idea of freedom to obey Him when He speaks, and abundance to help others who are in need.  That is another level.  I believe that to get there I have to get free from wage dependency. 

Our current government is singing the song of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”  The promise is to make sure everybody has a “job.”  They spend money to create “jobs.”  What they are doing is creating slots on the government plantation to be filled by fear-driven wage-slaves.  The end is that more and more people are stuck in grinding dependency on government.  The private sector,  the engine that creates wealth, is drained and the opportunity for real freedom is reduced.    We can promise every man a dollar only if no man (except our cronies) can have two.  Are you free?  If you see a need can you help?  If God said leave today, could you go?  Don’t settle for a job.  You can do better.  God wants us free.



  1. So true, so true. Government seems to want to take the place of God as provider…scarier yet is that people are wanting that to happen.

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