Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 27, 2009

Ex post facto? Hide your wallet

I am a little slow on this one because I have been trying to keep my mouth shut on political issues, but sometimes I wonder if the whole of the congress has gone mad.  The House passed a tax taking 90% of the bonuses of our AIG friends.  Now, I am as enraged as anyone over the AIG bonuses.  But I am more offended that the guys that allowed the whole thing to happen, Congress and the Treasury Department, are feigning outrage at all.  What is most distressing is they don’t seem to have any qualm about taking remedial measures that are almost absurd in their unconstitutionality.  This seems to me  a clear violation of the ex post facto prohibition.  In addition, to do so with a specified target group – employees of specific businesses at a specific time just because they irritate us, is about as egregious a violation of equal protection as I can imagine.  These are exactly the kinds of government atrocities that our Founders were attempting to avoid.  If they can tax AIG retroactively, they can tax you retroactively, and chances are they will try.



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