Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 16, 2009

It is really all about Him

What a grand Sunday we enjoyed yesterday!  I came in probably less prepared than usual.  We are keeping my associate pastor’s 2 kids, 9 & 5, for 5 days while they are on a mission trip.  That has altered my schedule profoundly.  I normally pray and study from 5 to 7 before service.  Yesterday I had visitors shortly after 6.  They were hungry. Oh, well.  Then we migrated to church.  With 2 of my worship team missing on the mission trip, we were a little thin.  The sound system was temperamental.  Then we discovered that someone had messed up our computer system and the service Cd’s would be delayed as would the uploading of the audio to the Internet.  Then the children’s church teacher got sick, the refreshment team had a glitch,and so it continued one minor stumble after another.  Then the glory came.  The people began to worship and God visited us in a wonderful way.  I genuinely believe that lives were changed.  The sermon was quite good (I see it is uploaded, so I guess something is working).  We received communion and the Lord spoke to us by tongues and interpretation and by prophecy concerning casting our worries over to Him.  I left the building thanking God that it really is all about Him, not me.  We try our best to prepare, to do things well, to be excellent in all we do.  but ultimately, when God’s people come together with a heart to worship and a hunger to hear from heaven, he will always meet them there.




  1. So many times in our daily walk, we tend to think that God needs us in order to fullfill his perfect will, well guess what, we are all just intruaments for his use. It has absolutly nothing to do about us! I would like to share something short with you, to prove my point from my own experiences, On march 6, 2009, The lord gave many people the opportunity to see what a wonderful, Lord we serve. He is just and he is faithful! On that day, a gentleman named ray went into cardiac arrest in the grocery store I work in, I was called to his side, to provide assistance. CPR was initiated, and praise God it was successful,, all for his glory,, the man is 92 years old, married to his wife for 66 years, what a wonderful couple they are, with all the news and television media coverage of this event, it was the perfect opportunity to let thousands of people know how wonderful God is. as I was performing cpr on this man, his wife looked at me and asked me if it was just his time to go, when the spirit of the Lord spoke so clearly to me and said “NOT TODAY” that is exactly what I spoke to his wife, with such great authority, as I have never used before, and right after this was spoken, the man began to breath on his own…Praise God he is faithful. ,, but we must always remember to give God all the glory and honor. for we can do nothing, with out him! praise God for your postings , and this web site, as I have found it to be a great blessing!

  2. Amen. That is truly what it is all about!

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