Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 8, 2009

Another Day in Obamaland

One of the President’s first acts was to OK the use of your money to pay for abortions in other countries.  If you decide not to give your blood money, you are a criminal.  Now he is, as expected, giving the order to allow research to be done on new strains of embryonic stem cells. Babies, beware!   While I don’t like to be a single issue voter, it is difficult to support a guy who is so radical in his views on life.  His open support and sponsorship of the Freedom of Choice Act lets us know that he is all abortion, all the time.  This abomination attempts to force health care professionals and hospitals to perform life-ending procedures against their conscience and will.  In combination with his budget proposal to decrease tax deductions for charitable donations, we can see evidence of a concerted plan to destroy charitable hospitals and any social agency funded by Christian people.  These are not random and unrelated policy decisions.  This is a conscious agenda and it is scary.  PRAY!!!!




  1. Maybe I am a one-issue voter as I do look for a person’s stand on Abortion first. How can our God bless us individually if we vote for someone who is for abortion and how can HE bless our country when
    we murder innocents? Maybe we would not have Obama as our President if many those who call themselve christians would have taken this atrocious act into consideration when voting!

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