Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 6, 2009

A Wild Time to be Alive

I am feeling a little disoriented.  It seems to me that life as I have known it is about to end.  It reminds me of that anxiety as the roller coaster slowly reaches the apex of the first hill.  You begin to feel the downward pull, your heart beats a Little faster, and though you know this is going to be fun, you grab the handrail and push the floor looking for brakes.  It doesn’t matter, here we go!  The whole economic thing is too much to grasp.  The Russians and the Persians are circling little old Israel.  It would appear that the Chinese own most of our nation, or will shortly.  That means we will be unavailable to help Israel when the attack comes, and it will.  The schools have been stolen by PC lunatics so our kids don’t even know they are stupid.  If I didn’t have an anchor for my soul I would be tempted to dismay.  I believe, however, that this is the hour for which God has prepared us.  We are Word people, faith people, Holy Ghost people who will not fear or be intimidated.  God supplies, we proclaim.  It is why we were born.  Courage is only courage when there is danger. 




  1. Goodness, how true! I remember a friend who used to joke about putting on his rapture suit and practice jumping up… be ready to go up. I think that sounds like a good idea! When you look at the shape the world is in and we seem to be heading full speed ahead to the end, it really is time to “look up”. I can almost see Jesus with His hands on the arms of His throne getting ready to get up and call us home.

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