Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 4, 2009

Thank God for the Holy Ghost!

As I read the news I am increasingly grateful for that experience we call being “baptized with the Holy Spirit.”  I am enjoined by the scripture to pray for my leaders, but I fine that to be increasingly difficult to do.  Our new president seems bent on destroying everything I cherish about our nation while using my tax money to pay for infanticide around the world.  I pray that he knows the will of God, that the United Sates fulfills its destiny, that calamity is forestalled once again, and that the Gospel is preached to the world.  Beyond that I am at a loss.  thank god, I have recourse to praying in tongues.  I actually feel a little sorry for Christians who do not believe in this wonderful gift.  How confining to be limited to what I can understand with my own mind!  I think I will declare today “National Thank God for the Holy Ghost Day!”




  1. you put to words what is in my heart

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