Posted by: tucsonjefe | March 3, 2009


If you have a radio, a TV, or internet access you have been hearing a bunch of words like “crisis” and “catastrophe” and “meltdown.”  You know that we are in the midst of the “worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.”  You are probably aware that Iran and North Korea are planning to annihilate us with nuclear weapons, the drug cartels are taking over the southwest, and the United States is now a socialist state.  All of this is designed to instill fear in your hearts.  Frightened people do things they would not otherwise do.  When we feel fear we begin to look for ways to escape or to protect ourselves.  This is called “fight or flight.”  We have adrenaline pumping in our bodies causing increased heart and breathing rates, even sweating and trembling.  A survey last week reported that 89% of Americans are having some trouble with insomnia due to anxiety over the state of the economy.  We are not designed to live like this for any length of time. Fear is not good for you.  It is good for those who want to influence you to do something contrary to your beliefs and values.  The devil and his subordinates use fear to motivate action.


It is not normal or desirable for a Christian to live in fear.  One of the most often repeated phrases in Scripture is “Fear Not!”  God does not lead us by fear.  He is the God of peace, not panic.  Fear-based decisions are almost always wrong.  Fear is a self-centered emotion.  When I feel fear, I am usually worried about what will happen to me. I am afraid I will lose what I think is mine, or fail to receive what I think I deserve.  My self-esteem, my financial security, or my personal relationships are threatened, and I am afraid.  (Notice the plethora of I, me, and my in these sentences) When I feel fear I have learned to stop and take a quick inventory.  What thoughts or events prompted my anxiety?  What am I afraid will happen?  What aspect of myself is threatened: pride, security, physical safety?  After I identify the threat, I repent for my unbelief.  Then I find a promise that covers the situation: My needs are met, the stripes have healed me, He causes me to dwell in safety, He gives His angels charge over me, etc.  I speak that promise and start acting like its true, deciding to walk by faith, not by fear.  Faith comes from the Word of God.  Fear comes from the lie of the devil.  Who do you trust?


Scripture Reading: The LORD is on my side. I am not afraid. What can mortals do to me? The LORD is on my side as my helper. I will see the defeat of those who hate me. It is better to depend on the LORD than to trust mortals.

(Psalms 118:6-8 GW)


Somebody Said: Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
            — Dorothy Bernard


Some years ago I asked the Lord to show me every place where I was acting on fear.  I was busy for a long while.  It is, however, worth the trouble to find fear, acknowledge fear, overcome fear, and live free.  You are not made to be afraid. 



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