Posted by: tucsonjefe | July 8, 2006

North Korea makes me nervous

Something over a year ago, we had a prophetic word in our service telling us not to be distracted by events in Iraq, but to be mindful of the North Korean threat.  This echoed something from the early ‘90s saying the same thing in the first Iraq war.  When I read about North Korea’s increasing belligerence, I can’t help but think of the Revelation where John talks about 200 million soldiers being released (9:16) and about the kings of the East crossing a dried up Euphrates to approach Israel (16:12). I am no great Revelation exegete, but it makes me wonder.  You see, North Korea is not doing anything without the implicit consent of China.  Add those populations together and mix in the massive military buildup going on there and you have to question where this is going.  In addition, we see Iran being protected in the international community by Russia.  If you thought the old bear was dead, think again.  Israel is still the target and Russia is still in the mix.  Russia and China are conspiring to prevent UN sanctions on either North Korea or Iran, and North Korea has already provided Iran with the missiles they have to lob at Israel.  Now North Korea is making nuclear weapons to ship to their strange Middle-Eastern bedfellows.  Jesus is coming!



  1. It is true that when we Christians start loving the world and it’s ways, things begin to become tougher but it is not God who is chastizing us but it is ourselves allowing the world to lure us out from the protection and provision of our loving Father God. Things that affect our faith (our way of recieving what God has already done and given through Jesus Chist) is hampered and will not be able to work to recieve from God.

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