Posted by: tucsonjefe | June 27, 2006

FCF Tucson has a new home

out-the-door.jpgAt the behest of one of our readers, I want to update you on the progress of our building.  We had our first services at 2425 N Huachuca on June 11.  The move came on the previous Thursday.  Our old facility was pretty ragged, but it served us well in our 2 plus years there.  It was an old (emphasis on old) tavern, but a lot of folks came to Jesus in that place. last-sunday.JPGlast-sunday-2.JPG

Our new place is a bit more socially acceptable, having air conditioning, a kitchen,and decent bathrooms.  We designed it with the idea that we want to maintain our family atmosphere.  There is no entry hall, you just walk right into the “family room.”  Off to the left is the book nook and coffee bar, followed by two offices.  To the right is the kitchen and the hall to the bathrooms and the kids rooms.  It is very bright and lively.  We are planning creative ways to allow the people of the church to have a hands on experience in the decor of the family room.  This is going to be a unique, and I hope successful experiment in giving ownership to the people.  I will keep you posted outside.JPGwelcome.jpgkitchen-help.jpg



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